So, here are some Bangtan Boys facts!

-Bangtan means Bulletproof. The group is known is BTS, Bangtan So Nyun Dan, Bulletproof Scouts and Bangtan Boys.

-Their fandom name is A.R.M.Y.

-Rap Monstar has worked with Block B Zico before, when they were still known as Nacseo and Runch Randa.

-Suga is terrible with English.

-B.A.P’s Zelo and J-Hope went to the same academy for rap and dance in Gwangju.

-If Jungkook had the power of talking to non-human, he would like to talk to the animals that live on Earth.

-If Jimin is in trouble or worried, he’ll generally solve it himself. If he can’t, he’ll talk with V.

-Most of the members talk in satoori.

-V and Jimin started fighting playfully at the Mokdong Fansign because of the looks ranking.

-Jin wears really strong prescription glasses, but he doesn’t like wearing them because he’ll become insecure.

-V can speak Japanese, Jin can speak Chinese and Rap Monster can speak English.

-Jin thinks that Super Mario character and Maple Story is extremely cute.

-V chooses Jungkook as the member that he is the closest to.

-Jin thinks that V is a 4D kid, but he is a normal person who has the same hobbies as Jin.

-Jin chooses V as the member that he is closest to.

-Rap Monster always destroy his stuff and Suga will always fix it.

-Suga thinks that his legs are as nice as SNSD’s.

-V cried when he signed the contract after hugging his parents.

-V hasn’t been in a serious relationship yet.

-Jin takes care of his appearance the most.

-Rap Monster had no dreams when he was in school so he wrote the lyrics in their song ‘No More Dream’ relating that.

-Suga’s dream is to always to do music and to the the best rookie’s award this year.

-V has played the saxophone for three years.

-Suga says that while the members are showering, V will open the door and hop in to shower together.

-Jungkook answers that no one in BTS gets angry easily.

-The other names that were considered for the group names were “Big Kidz” and “Young Nation”.

-Rap Monster and Jung Hunchul wrote a Brave Brothers/YG diss track called Hook.

-J-Hope hates exercising/work out.

-Jongkook is the only maknae that cannot do aegyo and Jin will cover Jongkook’s face.

-Suga explained that why V does weird things is because V thinks of things that other people don’t/

-Suga wrote the song “I Like It” under 40 minutes.

-J-Hope and Jungkook are really close. Whenever Jungkook cries, J-Hope would comfort him.

-Suga won 2nd place in the Big Hit auditions, landing him a spot in the group.

-BTS chooses Big Bnag as their role model.

-Rap Monster studied in New Zealand before.

-V once got upset because hi did not get to take a selca with the “Show Champion” tag.

-Jimin’s ideal type is someone that is nice and cute and must be smaller that him.

-V’s ideal type is someone who gets more charming everyday, takes care or him, loves him, always chic outdoors, makes hot chocolate and has a lot of aegyo.

-Jungkook’s ideal type is someone who is at least 168cm but shorter than him, is a good wife, good at cooking, smart, has pretty legs and is nice.

-Suga’s ideal type is someone who likes music, and likes hip hop.

-Jin’s ideal type is someone who is a good wife, good at cooking and is nice.

-Rap Monster’s ideal type is someone with a nice voice, tall, pale, looks good in a white t-shirt, jeans and red Converse.

-J-Hope’s ideal type is someone who loves him, which is known as his fans.

-During their first broadcast, Jin cried after the rehearsals because he did a small mistake and he felt bad about it.

-All the members will practice hard backstage before going up on stage.

-Jin is a hyung that is full of aegyo.

-Suga likes teasing his dongsaengs.

-Jin likes to cook.

-Rap Monster is the leader because he’s the first one to join the group.

-When asked which animal he wanted to be, Jimin answered that he want to fly like a bird.

-Jungkook takes the longest time in the bathroom.

-Jin like the colour pink.

-Jungkook like drawing.

-Rap Monster openly support gay/lesbians relationship.

-The members like Kanye West and Macklemore.

-J-Hope is featured in 2AM Jokwon’s song “Animal” and has performed with Jokwon on stage before.

-Jungkook makes fun of Jimin because Jimin is 2 years older than him but he is 3cm taller than Jimin.

-Some stage names were also considered for Jungkook such as Seagull and Young Gun, but they ended up using his real name Jungkook.

-Some other stage name were considered for Jimin such as Baby J and Young Kid, but he ended up using his real name as his stage name.

-J-Hope is the only member with an older sister, she is five years older than him and he is really close with her.

-Suga says he isn’t aegyo-y in real life, but he tries to be cute for the fans. It’s his way of showing them he like them.

-If Rap Monster ever have a non-idol girlfriend, he wants to write a song for her apologizing that he is an idol since his schedule is busy.

-J-Hope and B.A.P’S Youngjae auditioned together for their JYP auditions.

-Jungkook said in 10 years he wants to be either a owner of a duck meat restaurant or a tattooist.

-The uniform that Jimin wore in graduation song was actually Taehyung’s.


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